As a ghostwriter of diploma theses and doctoral theses, I am very well qualified and experienced in creating empirical work. Again and again, I use these qualities for companies and organizations that need to know how

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • market research
  • competitive analysis
  • trend reports
  • Brand value survey
  • Statistical evaluations
  • Desktop market research
  • Primary market research

For representative primary market research, I cooperate with an institute that often conducts hundreds of telephone and personal interviews. As a brand expert, I am particularly competent in all matters relating to the topic of brand, as a sociologist especially in qualitative empirical studies.

Fast, competent and inexpensive

As a comparatively small company and without overhead, I can offer these services at very reasonable prices. Thanks to years of routine, the projects are also handled very quickly.

Ghostwriter Bachelor Thesis

Ghostwriter Bachelor’s degreethat means a variety of assistance, only from me, personally and discreetly. I would like to take over the complete preparation of a template for your Bachelor thesis, support and advise you in every phase, from concept development to proofreading. In addition to accompanying coaching, it is also possible to take over individual sections of her bachelor thesis:

  • Topic: FREE, if you need my further help
  • Scientific Coaching: As a Dipl. Coach and with 20 years of experience
  • Literature search: in libraries and scientific databases
  • Creation Concept or Exposé or Disposition: A key factor for a successful bachelor thesis
  • Theoretical part or part of the literature
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of the empirical: Qualitative or quantitativeI know all the methods
  • Editing: In simple but scientific languageand precisely according to the applicable spelling rules

Layout and formatting, creation of directories: Exactly according to the specifications of the institute, information on this on my blog

Plagiarism check: Using the same software that is also used by the institutes

Source verification: 90100% can be successfully researched and supplemented or corrected afterwards

What is a bachelor thesis?

The scope of a bachelor thesis is based on my experience as a ghostwriter at the training institution, it is in contrast to the master’s degree or doctoral thesis about 2060 pages, in some subjects two bachelor’s theses are required, often a theoretical and a practical analysis. In these cases too, the mastery of the foundations of scientific work counts, above all the correct citation and interpretation of the sources.

Which topic should I choose for my bachelor thesis?

The subject also plays an important role in the choice of methodsee also my tips for bachelor theses. I have years of experience in the subjects of economics, sociology, psychology, law, education, health science on history and philosophy to construction technology and advise you personally in the choice of topics.